Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Scrapbook Expo 2011"

     Hello everyone!!  Hope you all had wonderful Sunday and being that I am posting this on Sunday night, 5/22/11, I guess we all survived Judgement Day!!!! 
     I want to share some photo's of this past weekend's Scrapbook Expo 2011 that was held at the Somerset Exhibit Center in Jew Jersey.  My daughter and I have been waiting for months for this Expo to come and of course we had a great time!!  We did lots of shopping and got some really great products at fantastic prices!!  I will post a bunch of photo's of all the great products later on and will have tutorials on how to use some of them!  We also were able to meet lots of fellow Scrapbooker's/crafters!!  There were many different retailers at the Expo like my local Scrapbook Store here in Jersey the "Scrappers Cove", "The original Scrap Box", "StoryTellers Club", "Quick Quotes" and so many more!!  It was a little overwhelming at first but we got into the groove really quick!!!  We walked the Expo at least 4-5 times total!!! 
     The highlight of our day, without any doubt, occured when we met Megan Gravener from Above Rubies Studio and also of Club Ruby Designers!!!  What a genuinely nice person!!  She is soo cute and really funny!!  It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with her, talking and watching her Demo of the totally awesome Teresa Collins Stamp Maker at "TheRubber Cafe" booth.  We had a really great chat and I told her that I wished that I could hang out with her some time to learn some new things of the blogging/crafting world, let's face it she has been doing this for a while, longer than me and has now made it a full time job and bussiness, it would be so great to learn from a pro and then to my surprise, would you believe it, she invited me and my family to her house to hang out.  I almost fell over in excitement and my daughter, well she did not stop talking about it for hours!!  "When can we go??  Are we gonna go??  I can't wait to go!!"  So I told Megan that I would try to get my husband to take a few days off to watch the kids so that I could go but she said no worries, bring the kids, they could play with her kids while we crafted!!!  I really cannot wait to set something up with her, it is going to be so much fun!!!  So please, take a few minutes and go over to Megan's site (just click on this link Above Rubies Studio) and check her out, she has ton's of tutorials that are very helpful along with tons of projects that she has made. 

Megan and I.

My daughter, Megan and I.

Megan explaining the Stamp maker products.

"The Rubber Cafe" booth.

Christine,  myself and Suzanne from Scrappers Cove.

Myself and my daughter Tea.

The many different isles and products of Scrapbooking Heaven!!!

So like I said earlier, I will post pictures and a few tutorials of some of the awesome products we got this weekend at the Expo!!  Until then, Happy Craftin!!



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Sounds like to have a fab time. well worth the wait. I bet you spent lots.Look forward to the tutorials.

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