Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"A Mermaid's Crafts" 500 Follower Giveaway!!

Hello friends, hope you are having a great Tuesday!!  I just want to let you know that Lisa over at "A Mermaid's Crafts" is having a Giveawy for reaching 500 Followers!!  So please head on over to her blog and contest by clicking on this blog posts title above or on the right side of this blog and help her reach even more!!  She is leaving the contest open till August 6th so we all know that she will gain even more followers by then!!  She is so nice, has a great blog with awesome ideas so lets support her.

Onto other news, my daughter comes home today...YAY!!!  I missed her so much even though we spoke everyday, sometimes more than once!!  She is such a big help and I know that her little brother cannot wait!!  Her other brother... well he was actually bummed when he woke up...he said that the fun ends today!!  They argue all the time but I know deep down that he misses her too!!! 

I will most likely be in my crafting room tonight because I know that my daughter missed being home and crafting, she will probably make a bunch of stuff (she makes Polymer clay creations) so hopefully I will have some projects for you later!!

Until then Happy Craftin!!!


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Yay your daughter is coming home today, Ildi! Wow, three weeks is a long time to be gone! I can't wait to see the projects she creates when she's home - I LOVE working with polymer clay. I don't get the chance to very often, but I do love it. Thank you so much for posting my giveaway! I really appreciate it :D


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