Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Sweet Bug

Hello Bloggie friends, hope you are all having a great Sunday!!  Today I want to share a Scrapbook Layout of my absolutely beautiful son!!  He is the youngest of my 3 and the most spoiled!!  He came into this world with a Gusto but as he got older he just didn't develope like he should have.  He didn't hit any of the usual milestones and that made me worry!!  I already had 2 kids so I knew when he should do certain things, but he just didn't!!  After arguing with my husband (this baby is the child of my second marriage, it was my husbands first) I called in Early Intervention to have him evaluated. We went to all of the Specialty doctors, you know the Neurologist, the Orthopedist, the hearing specialist and so on.  Low and behold, after tons of tests there is still no explanation for the delays!!  We did get a diagnosis of Hypotonia with joint weakness which is in other words low muscle tone with extreme double jointedness!!  He can do unbelievable things with his little fingers and feet, he can actually flip his tounge over completely!!  Because of the low muscle tone he needed a lot of thearapy!!  My little bug was receiving Physical thearapy, Ocupational thearapy, Speach thearapy and Developemental Intervention.  Five months before he was to turn 3 he took his first steps on his own!!  I can't even tell you how excited I was that day, when he walked from the living room to his room!!  I almost passed out!!  Sure it has not been an easy road but having him in our lives has been the most rewarding and blessed thing and I would not change it for anything in this world!  I believe God gave him to us for a reason, we were meant to be his parents, to take care of him.  All I know is that I couldn't live without him and his wonderful personality.  He truely is such a happy boy!!  I know that in time, in God's time, he will be able to do all the things that the other kids can do but until then, we learn as we go!!  So without further ado...My Sweet Bug!!

Can't beat that smile!!

Hope you enjoyed!!  Happy Sunday and Happy Craftin!!


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