Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello Monday-Mosaic Card!!

Good afternoon to all my bloggie friends, hope you are all well!!  Well as promised yesterday, today I am posting a card that I made during my craftin marathon yesterday!!  I call it the Mosaic Card because every little square has a different color or patterned paper in it.  I created the black frame with the little squares on my Gypsy.  The squares are all 1" x 1" and the total outside dimension of the frame is about 6" high by 5 1/2" wide.  This is great when you can't decide what paper to use or even to just use up all those little scraps we all have laying around!!  I have a large photo keeper for all my large scraps and two small photo keepers that hold real small scraps and unused shapes.  I hate to throw any of the leftover papers out, hence my husband thinks I'm crazy!!  I put Mono adhesive on the back of the frame and just attached all the little squares to it, then I stamped the little heart, spiral and star with coordinating ink colors. (the red, yellow and blue squares)  Anyway I hope you enjoy!!


I submitted this card for the Getting Cricky DT Call, please wish me luck!!  Also in the "Made it Myself Mondays Challenge"  Until next time Happy Craftin!!


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This is a very cool idea,I love it!! Good luck on the DT call, I have not tried any of those yet! I wish you luck. Kelly


You found me to follow (Thanks) and so now I found you to follow. I have to tell you something so funny. I saw this card you did with the squares on one of the challenges but couldn't remember where. Now I know. I love this idea for all the little scraps. Definitely need to figure this out on my Gypsy.

Rachel W K

What a great card idea! And a cool way to highlight some of those gorgeous (but busy!) decorative papers. I love this. Thanks for stopping by my blog... good luck with the DT!

-rachel w k

Kelly S

Beautiful card. Good luck on the DT call. I also submitted an application. :)


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