Thursday, August 18, 2011

"You are Beautiful"-Martha Stewart "Stamp around the Page"

Hello bloggie friends, hope you are all doing well.  We have had rain for the last 3 days so what better to do than craft!!!  I actually was able to make a few videos and quite a few new grundge bracelets-my new obssesion!!  So today I have a video for you demonstrating the Martha Stewart "Stamp around the Page" tool.  I was watching HSN one day a few weeks ago and they were having a Craft Hour and they were featuring Martha Stewart crafting supplies.  I was very intregued by this tool and thought to myself  "I need this" I bought it!!!  It works on the same basic principle as the "Punch around the Page".  I want to appologize in advance for the legnth of the video but because there is alot of explaining to do on how to use the tool so it was necessary.

I hope you could understand what I was trying to explain, I know that the video was a little choppy in parts but I had to edit down alot of it to make it upload to YouTube!!
I will be back tomorrow with another video so unti then have a great day and Happy Craftin!!


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