Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You've touched my Heart!!

My BEAUTIFUL friend and fellow Blog sister, Faith Freeman of Faithfule Creations, has awarded me with the "You've touched my Heart" Blog award!!  I have to tell you that I am soooo Blessed to know Faith, she is one of the most talented women I know and she has a heart larger than words can describe!!  I have soooo much admiration for her, she is a thrifty single mother with such unmeasurable stregnth and courage!!  She has touched my heart and I love her dearly!! 

 Please click on her name above to visit her blog.  If you need and want inspiration your sure to find it there!!

I love ya mama and thank you for my award!!

Until next time, Hug's and Happy Craftin!!


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what a wonderful award to have congrats!

Glitter Panda

Congratulations Ildi! How wonderful! I am not sure if you got my post about it, but I also awarded you with a special blog award. I announced it on my blog. The link is in the comments for your Pirate card. I hope you'll pass it on!! Love your blog...keep inspiring us all.
Panda Hugs
Glitter Panda

Awwwwwwwwwwww Miss Ildi you TOTALLY deserve this award. Feel free to pass it on to someone else if you'd just can't give it back to me! I don't know if any of the amazing things you wrote about me are true my sister and friend but thank you for them nonetheless. Love ya girl!

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